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Investment Philosophy

Edge believes that adhering to a coherent investment philosophy and a set of core beliefs is at the heart of successful investing. Our objective is to maximize investment returns while preserving capital via diversification and risk management, with an emphasis on income generation and tax-efficiency. Our horizon is long-term as we look to patiently grow our client assets by investing and allocating capital efficiently over full market cycles. Our Principals at Edge, as a rule, invest in the same strategies and themes as those of our clients.

Price discovery is one of the central functions of ļ¬nancial markets. Markets are not always efficient in assessing the fundamental value of a security’s future cash flows. Our team’s robust research process and independent thinking aim to establish whether a security or an asset class is mispriced relative to its intrinsic fundamentals. As value investors, we seek to capitalize on systematic errors in market valuation. If we can consistently spot these market errors, we can establish an investing edge and our portfolios will generate superior total returns.

While our investment philosophy remains consistent, its execution is flexible as the investment landscape changes. Thus, we strategically allocate capital across asset classes and industries based on prevailing opportunities. Changes in asset allocation are typically implemented gradually, depending upon the clients' investment objectives and financial situation. We have a low turnover approach that minimizes taxes and transaction costs. Portfolio construction is implemented according to client risk and investment guidelines.